IET Cyberdefence Workshop Talk on Intelligent Agents

At the annual CS4ICS conference organised at its Savoy Place venue in London by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), I presented on February 8 2019 the work of the NATO IST-152 Research Group on Autonomous Intelligent Agents. The talk was part of the “Internet of Battle Things (IoBT): Intelligent Autonomous Agents fro Cyber Defence and Resilience” session.

The session was opened by IST-152 co-chair Prof. Paul Theron of Cranfield University with a talk on the Perspectives on Multi-Agent systems and concluded by Duncan Hodges with a talk on the real-world effects of autonomous cyber operations.

I presented to the audience the Reference Architecture for software AIAs the research group is working on and how autonomous agents (will) fit in the context of the modern Internet of Battle Things and the connected and data-driven conflicts of today.

Autonomous Intelligent Agent for Cyberdefence Reference Architecture

Here you can download the slides as presented (Software Autonomous Intelligent Agents Architecture – CS4ICS 2019)

Paper on proposed AIA architecture presented at the 2017 IST-152 Workshop in Prague

For further reference, here are the published, peer-reviews works produced as of today by the NATO IST-152 RTG:

Proceedings of the NATO IST-152 Workshop on Intelligent Autonomous Agents for Cyber Defence and Resilience – Prague, Czech Republic, October 18-20, 2017, CEUR-WS Vol. 2057

Toward Intelligent Autonomous Agents for Cyber Defense: Report of the 2017 Workshop by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Research Group IST-152-RTG – US Army Research Laboratory ARL-SR-0395 – April 2018


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