The Geopolitics of AI

I delivered a talk on how Artificial Intelligence is influencing geopolitics balance and international relations at the 2019 Pirate Security Conference in Munich. The conference is organised by the German Pirate Party and others and represents and “alternative” to the Munich Security Conference, held on the same days.

After summarising a bit of the history of “Artificial Intelligence” the talk goes into the current AI (or better Machine Learning) coming of age and how the field and its potential had come to the attention of not only policymakers but nation leaders as well. The motivation are quite easy to understand when you look at how AI can influence all sources of power for a nation stats: the military, the economy, even the demographics.

The current balance sees the US as the clear leader in this arena and China as the other top tier actor. Other countries have strong AI strategies and results (UK, Israel, India…) and Russia is trying hard to catch up despite its strong limiting factors. The EU? Nonexistent.

Download the full presentation here: (pdf, 5.2 MB)










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