First NATO Workshop on Autonomous Cyberdefence

On March 19 NATO IST152 Research Task Group on Autonomous Intelligent Agents for Cyberdefence organised the first NATO-Industry workshop on Autonomous Cyber Defence at Cranfield University, UK. The workshop saw a very good participation both in terms of audience size and interaction with the group members.

In the first part of the workshop some of the group members presented the research results (a final report is forthcoming and will be freely available). I presented the AICARA reference architecture for Autonomous Intelligent Agents. In the second part several academics and experts from the provate sector presented very interesting projects and results related to the RTG’s area research area. In the third and last part all participants engaged in a lively open debate on the opportunity of all actors in this sector collaborating – private sector, SMEs and enterprises, government and military, academia. Important future developments could follow…

Here the workshop agenda in pdf.   Slide decks and videos will be available online soon.

Bonus – the origin of AI:

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