Corporate Forensics Presentation at ISSE 2017

For organisations, wether big or small, the priority when an Information Security incident happens is to resume operations as quickly as possible and minimise disruption. What is very often overlooked is the management of digital evidence generated by an incident, whatever its nature. The sessions endeavoured to explain how to… Continue reading

e-Privacy XXI – Lucca 2017

e-Privacy is a biannual conference organised in Italy on the themes of privacy, security and surveillance. On June 23 2017 I prented at e-Privacy XXI a talk that is part of an ongoing research on cyber sovereignty and the role of nation states in Internet governance and cyber conflict. In his “Declaration… Continue reading

CEN-CENELEC Workshop on Safety & Security

The CEN-CENELEC workshop on Functional Safety & Cybersecurity last March 16 brought together industry actors and European standardization development organizations. The engagement generated was successful and will be an integral part of the future standardization roadmap for cybersecurity. I was invited to give a keynote speech on the perspective of… Continue reading

The (cyber) cop mentality

Last week (14-15 October 2014) I was in Brussels taking part in the ISSE 2014 information security conference, where I had also the opportunity to present a paper on the European Court of Justice’s repealing of the Data Retention Directive. Among the keynote speakers was Troels Ørting, head of EC3,… Continue reading

Cyber Security 2014 at Chatham House

Last week at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs hosted its annual conference on Cyber Security. The theme was “Building Resilience, Reducing Risks” and it brought together a diverse set of speakers in the various panels, ranging from diplomats to public servants, from former military persons to corporate… Continue reading

Information Security Economics: an introduction

The work presented here was presented as a B.Sc thesis in Economics at the University of Verona in November 2013. It is an introduction and review to Information Security Economics. Here you can currently find the introduction and the summary. At the moment the full document is only available in… Continue reading

EU Directive on Cybercrime ready for Parliament’s first lecture

The directive proposal on cybercrime (attacks against informations systems), and the amendments intrduced by commitees (LIBE in particular), will have its first reading by the Plenary of the European Parliament next July 1st, according to latest forecasts. EDIT: Reading is now scheduled for July 3rd, and the vote for July 4th Continue reading

Activities of the CEN-CENELEC-ETSI cybersecurity coordination group

Origins, motivations The EN-CENELEC-ETSI Cybersecurity Coordination Group was born in the second half of 2011 on an impulse coming from DIN, the German Standardization National Body. A need was felt for better coordination in Information Security standardization and on Cybersecurity in particular. The initial spark was the diffusion of so-called… Continue reading

UE cybercrime directive proposal – Europarliament amendments

(Italiano) La proposta di direttiva UE sul cybercrime di cui abbiamo parlato in un post precedente, è attualmente in attesa della prima lettura da parte del parlamento ed è stata oggetto il 4 ottobre 2011 di una udienza della commissione Libertà civili, giustizia ed affari interni (LIBE). I partecipanti hanno fornito uno spaccato delle diverse posizioni esistenti sul testo (nessun italiano era presente), vista la loro eterogenea provenienza (organizzazioni transnazionali, settore privato, istituzioni nazionali ed europee, università, gruppi di interesse). Continue reading

New EU directive proposal on cybercrime

The EU Commission presented in 2010 a directive proposal – to be examined by the European Parliament – “on attacks against information systems”. The proposal is currently awaiting its first reading by the EP, but was the object of a hearing by the Civil liberites, justice and internal affairs commiteed… Continue reading