Connected Cars: a Very Bad Idea

This post sums up the content of a talk I presentedshuld have presented at DFA Open Day 2016 on critical aspects of permanently connected cars for safety, security, privacy and data protection. The megatrend towards cloud computing seems unstoppable, without regards for safety and security risks. This is of course the negation… Continue reading

The European Court Strikes One for Privacy

Early this year the European Court of Justice declared the 2006 EU Date Retention Directive invalid. This is a very important turning point in the ongoing tug-of-war between privacy rights and security concerns, possibly a reversal of the tide that has been mounting since the beginning of the century. The… Continue reading

The (cyber) cop mentality

Last week (14-15 October 2014) I was in Brussels taking part in the ISSE 2014 information security conference, where I had also the opportunity to present a paper on the European Court of Justice’s repealing of the Data Retention Directive. Among the keynote speakers was Troels Ørting, head of EC3,… Continue reading