Corporate Forensics Presentation at ISSE 2017

For organisations, wether big or small, the priority when an Information Security incident happens is to resume operations as quickly as possible and minimise disruption. What is very often overlooked is the management of digital evidence generated by an incident, whatever its nature. The sessions endeavoured to explain how to… Continue reading

Digital Forensics – Network Forensics Acquisition

I present in this post the principles and correct steps for the acquisition of potential digital evidence online, from the Internet. Online acquisition of web pages and other content is a problematic part of digital forensics, especially given the need to preserve integrity and the volatility of online content. Physical… Continue reading

The European Court Strikes One for Privacy

Early this year the European Court of Justice declared the 2006 EU Date Retention Directive invalid. This is a very important turning point in the ongoing tug-of-war between privacy rights and security concerns, possibly a reversal of the tide that has been mounting since the beginning of the century. The… Continue reading

Digital Forensics as a Big Data Challenge

Digital Forensics What is digital forensics? I’d like to report here one of the most useful definitions of digital forensics formulated. It was developed during the first Digital Forensics Research Workshop in 2001 and it is still very much relevant today: Digital Forensics is the use of scientifically derived and… Continue reading

Digital Forensics in a Cyber Warfare Context

I present here a paper exploring how digital forensics can be logically framed in the context of cyber warfare. We all know the attribution of a cyber attack is widely considered a fundamental aspect to be resolved before the formulation of every cyber strategy by nation-states: digital forensics procedures and… Continue reading

Developments in ISO digital investigations international standards

Last October in Rome ISO/IEC SC 27 held its 45th Meeting. SC 27 is the ISO subcommittee responsible for information security standards. We saw a significant evolution in the work regarding digital evidence and digital investigation, first and foremost the formal publication of ISO/IEC 27037:2012  (identification, collection, acquisition and conservation of… Continue reading

What’s the place of Digital Forensics in corporate Information Assurance?

Digital Forensics is not usually considered an important part of Information Assurance process and the management of Information Security, but it should, when we consider the big picture regarding Information Security and Cybersecurity. Nowadays all organizations, be them private corporations, public bodies, NGOs etc need to approach Information Security knowing… Continue reading

A quantitative metric for photo retouching

Professor Hany Farid, with Eric Kee, proposed in a recent article a quantitative and objective methodology for mesauring photo retouching, based on statistical concepts. It is an important development because theirs is the first objective metric to gauge what until now was only evaluated subjectively: the level of retouching or… Continue reading