CEN-CENELEC Workshop on Safety & Security

The CEN-CENELEC workshop on Functional Safety & Cybersecurity last March 16 brought together industry actors and European standardization development organizations. The engagement generated was successful and will be an integral part of the future standardization roadmap for cybersecurity. I was invited to give a keynote speech on the perspective of… Continue reading

Information Security: Lessons from Intelligence Agencies

Information management and security: lessons from intelligence Information in digital form is arguably the most important asset for modern organizations. Still, even today, the word “security” is often associated with guards in uniform, door locks and access control. While physical security is still fundamental, even to protect information, information security… Continue reading

Information Security Economics: an introduction

The work presented here was presented as a B.Sc thesis in Economics at the University of Verona in November 2013. It is an introduction and review to Information Security Economics. Here you can currently find the introduction and the summary. At the moment the full document is only available in… Continue reading