Corporate Forensics Presentation at ISSE 2017

For organisations, wether big or small, the priority when an Information Security incident happens is to resume operations as quickly as possible and minimise disruption. What is very often overlooked is the management of digital evidence generated by an incident, whatever its nature. The sessions endeavoured to explain how to… Continue reading

Digital Forensics as a Big Data Challenge

Digital Forensics What is digital forensics? I’d like to report here one of the most useful definitions of digital forensics formulated. It was developed during the first Digital Forensics Research Workshop in 2001 and it is still very much relevant today: Digital Forensics is the use of scientifically derived and… Continue reading

Developments in ISO digital investigations international standards

Last October in Rome ISO/IEC SC 27 held its 45th Meeting. SC 27 is the ISO subcommittee responsible for information security standards. We saw a significant evolution in the work regarding digital evidence and digital investigation, first and foremost the formal publication of ISO/IEC 27037:2012  (identification, collection, acquisition and conservation of… Continue reading

ISO/IEC 27037

A new ISO/IEC standard (27037)  is in its final development stages which will aim to supply guidelines for identification, acquisition, collection and preservation of digital evidence. It is part of the 27k series, dealing with Information technology security techniques. Its publication is expected inthe second half of 2012; it is… Continue reading